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Partition verschlüsseln mit dm-crypt
Perl Module via CPAN
Swap Space erweitern
Setup a serial Console
quota einrichten (REL4)
Confgure New Network Interface on SUN Solaris 9 at SunFire V210
Confgure New Network Interface on Gentoo Linux 1.6
Second X11 Session on tty8 to start single application
Setup Xen on CentOS5
Bacula on CentOS5
NX Server on CentOS5
Create MySQL DB, User & Grant Permission
Matrix Orbital LCD Display LK204-25-USB on lcdproc
Flash Bios from DOS Disk without hassle
Setup Centos6 Basis OS


PXE Boot und Kickstart
configure snmp trap sending
SSL Zertifikat für Apache auf CentOS5
Bridging Network Interfaces
eMail to SMS Gateway with aspsms
Stunnel to protect unencrypted Services
Splunk Free and authentication protection
ssh public key restriction to rsync command
distributed configuration management with puppet on CentOS5
Install LDAP Server and phpldapadmin on ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Ubuntu 12.04 pxe install server
CentOS7 Squid + SquidGuard + blacklist
CentOS7 Zarafa
CentOS7 Samba4 AD
CentOS7 OpenLDAP Proxy for Samba4 Linux Clients
CentOS7 Guacamole - HTML5 RDP Gateway
CentOS7 Graylog Appliance
CentOS7 Graylog Appliance_v2

Cluster / Application

MySQL Master Slave replication
Setup csync2 cluster file synchronisation
Setup HA-Storage with GlusterFS on Fedora 11
Setup Oracle 11gR2 on CentOS 5.4
Setup Rundeck on CentOS 7


Install XBMC and PS3 IR Remote Control


Marvell Scheeva Plug first boot setup
Install OpenWRT Trunk on Swisscom Centro Grande Router
Flash Nand Image on Cubieboard 2 with Ubuntu