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Viele kleine Infos rund ums Thema Linux


Prozesse finden, die das Unmounten verhindern
MBR sichern und wieder herstellen
Changing Resolution in Intel 915 Graphic Card
Veichnisse in shell scripte einpacken
SAN Last und Funktions Test
sudo examples
do automated full backup in custom runlevel
generate high load and cpu usage for testing only
Secure Grub boot loader menu
compare RPMs between two systems
csv2html bash function


How do I remove the suspend/hibernate entries from the system menu in the Gnome panel
login to gdm or console by key on usb stick
Install TTF Fonts from command line
Install Flash Player on Debian or Ubuntu


Mail Attachments mit uuencode
port forwarding mit xinetd
tcp_keepalive gegen Firewall Timeouts
assign Firewall Package marks in IPTables
Windows-Freigaben unter Linux mounten
POP3 IMAP SMTP via Telnet
Printserver oder iLO via ARP ansprechen
Deactivate IPv6
Redirect Webpage with Javascript
Disable caching in HTML Page
Configure squid so that it never caches some web sites
Port Forwarding with iptables
.htaccess redirection for mobile phone browsers
proxy.pac automatic proxy configuration example
post soap request with curl on comandline
apache error_log: error: client File does not exist: /htdocs
prevent snmpd from logging to syslog
Install Jboss 7 on CentOS 6
Postfix Mail relaying with smtp auth


Qemu Quick Ref
SNAT for XEN domU to dom0
What do I need to run a XEN guest machine in fully virtualization mode
Proxmox Split-Brain ausfall beheben


Passwörter mit expect einfüttern
MYSQL root passwort vergessen
Outlook PST nach unix kovertieren
Chroot für PHP Webseiten
Comands via Apache triggern
hpsmhd lässt sich nach crash nicht mehr starten
Mysql Replication Resync
call external commands for apache user authentication / mod_authnz_external
Jboss Notes
ClamAV stirbt im Zimbra


GFS 6.0 Trouble Shooting
Proxmox Split-Brain ausfall beheben