Hi there

Today I started programming the tiny low cost chip ESP8266.
First I ordered some ESP-01 variants to get my Arduino Projects communicating wireless.
By waiting for delivery I started reading about the chip-set, and it is amazing what you can do with it!

ESP-01 Variant has the following specifications:
It’s running at 80MHz
32KBytes of instruction RAM
96KBytes of data RAM
64KBytes boot ROM
It has a Winbond W25Q40BVNIG SPI flash with 1024kB Flash (old blue version has 512kB)
It’s a RISC architecture
The core is a 106micro Diamond Standard core (LX3) made by Tensilica
2 GPIO Pins

As far as I know you can program it with the following code/IDE:

I tested programming it with Arduino IDE and it worked like a charm out of the box:

  • Integrate ESP8266 Boards into Arduino IDE
  • Tools > Board > Generic ESP8266 Module
  • File > Examples > ESP2866WebServer > AdvancedWebserver
  • Edit SSID and WPA_Secret
  • Connect Serial Console (to get IP when booting)
  • Compile and Upload

All you need is: