This is a nice web-ui for single kvm virt-hosts

I tried a lot of UIs, but this is so far the best opensource kvm web-ui, which is using libvirt for management.
Why is libvirt important?
It keeps your host open to integrate/migrate from/to other virt solutions, it is the one and only standard so far.
If you do not use libvirt, you have the alternative to use pure-qemu to run your VMs, which isn't really an alternative.
Proxmox is using pure qemu comands with own management solution and this is the reason that no-one ever has ever built a Proxmox management integration.
Good for Proxmox business, bad for comunity, so better go the libvirt way.

I am missing the integration of multiple KVM hosts, but hopefully this is not the latest realease of kimchi !

Thanks Kimchi Team to build this web-ui !!!



yum -y install epel-release deltarpm chronyd wget 
yum makecache
yum -y update
yum install libvirt-python libvirt libvirt-daemon-config-network qemu-kvm python-ethtool sos \
          python-ipaddr nfs-utils iscsi-initiator-utils pyparted python-libguestfs libguestfs-tools novnc \
          spice-html5 python-configobj python-magic python-paramiko python-pillow virt-top

systemctl enable chronyd
systemctl restart chronyd
# firefox

yum -y install \

firewall-cmd --add-port 8001/tcp --permanent

systemctl enable wokd nginx
systemctl restart wokd nginx firewalld

Now you can reach the KVM virt UI at: