Install changedetection on OpenShift v4x

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1 Tested with

  • Server Version: 4.11.0
  • Changedetection:

1.1 application setup

oc new-project $PROJECT
oc new-app
oc set volume deployment/changedetection-io --add --name=changedetection-io -t pvc --claim-size=5G --claim-mode=ReadWriteOnce --claim-name=changedetection-io
oc set volume deployment --all
oc set volume deployment/changedetection-io --add --name=changedetection-io --mount-path=/datastore --claim-name=changedetection-io
oc get pvc
oc set volume deployment --all
oc create route edge --service=changedetection-io --port=5000

1.2 reset password protection

oc rsh deployment/changedetection-io touch /datastore/removepassword.lock
oc rsh deployment/changedetection-io ls /datastore/removepassword.lock

☀ oc get pods
NAME                                  READY   STATUS              RESTARTS   AGE
changedetection-io-5c8bd77b7f-k2mlg   1/1     Running             0          5m13s

1.3 Notification example