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Sysstat is installed or install-able on almost every Linux distribution. So this is the best place to hook-up when performance problems cross your path.

  • Don't need a modification on target system
  • Export and keep a single data file to start performance analysis
  • kSar is written in java and can run on almost every desktop machine

2 GET kSar

3 get Sysstat performance data

  • all of them on RHEL8
(for f in /var/log/sa/sa??; do LC_ALL=C sar -bBdqSruvwWy -I SUM -I ALL -u ALL -P ALL -r -f $f ; done ) >> /tmp/$(hostname -s)-sarReport.txt
  • all of them on CentOS7
(for f in /var/log/sa/sa??; do LC_ALL=C sar -bBdqrRSuvwWy -I SUM -I XALL -u ALL -P ALL -r -f $f ; done ) >> /tmp/$(hostname -s)-sarReport.txt