Sssd is not cleaning up cache

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1 General

  • OS: CentOS7

I maintain a Linux filer which is connected to both worlds:

  • Windows PCs conected to AD
  • OpenLDAP Proxy connected to AD
  • Linux clients connecting to OpenLDAP proxy
  • Linux & Windows clients connected to Linux Filer
  • Linux Filer connected to AD via sssd

2 Problem

  • logged into the filer
id some-user

was not showing the same results as ad-manager on DC

3 debugging

  • verify sssd.conf
  • verify /etc/nssswitch.conf
  • cmd: getent passwd
  • cmd: getent group
  • cmd: id
  • App: Apache Directory Studio
  • cmd: tcpdump
  • cmd: lsof

4 solution

  • Finally I found that sssd configuration is correct
  • The difference in group membership must come from somewhere else
  • This comand showed me the problem:
find /var/ | grep sss | egrep -v 'yum|log'
cd /var/lib/sss/db
mkdir _old
mv * _old/
systemctl restart sssd
id some-user

5 Final note

If you google for: sssd /var/lib/sss/db cache cleanup You can find a lot of infos, but to get there ... is sometimes not easy.