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1 links

2 general


2.1 commands

are dealing with sessions

2.2 session

think of it as a browser instance

2.3 window

think of it as a browser tab

2.4 pane

think of it as a pane in a tiled window

3 commands

tmux new -s name         start new session
tmux ls                  list sessions
tmux kill-ses -t name    kill session
tmux a -t name           attach a session (resume)

4 sessions

C+b $        rename session
C+b d        detach session
C+b )        next session
C+b (        previous session

5 windows

C+b c        create new window
C+b n        move to next window
C+b p        move to previous window
C+b l        move to last used window
C+b [0-9]    select window by number
C+b '        select window by name
C+b .        change window number
C+b ,        rename windows
C+b F        search windows
C+b &        kill windows

6 panes

# think as panes of a real window
C+b %        vertical split
C+b "        horizontal split
C+b ->       move pane right
C+b <-       move pane left
C+b "arrow up"   move pane up
C+b "arrow down" move pane down
C+b O        goto next pane        
C+b ;        goto last active pane
C+b }        move pane right        
C+b {        move pane left        
C+b !        convert pane into window
C+b X        kill pane

7 copy mode (vi)

C+b [        enter copy mode
C+b ]        paste from buffer
space        start selection
enter        copy selection
esc          clear selection
g            go to top
G            go to bottom
h            move cursor left
j            move cursor down
k            move cursor up
l            move cursor right
/            search
#            list paste buffers
q            quit