Veritas Netbackup

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Listing of Backup data

bplist -l -b -R /oradata/SMREP/archive | grep dbf | sort -k8

Listing with keyword

bplist -R -l -keyword tluruch2  /oradata/DatabaseBackup

List todays Backup

bplist -R -l -s `date '+%m/%d/%Y'`

Restore Files to different Directory

touch /tmp/bprestore.log
print "change / to /tmp/restore" >/tmp/bprestore.rename
bprestore -L /tmp/bprestore.log -B -K -R /tmp/bprestore.rename /files /dirs

Do a manual Backup

touch /tmp/netbackup.log
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbackup -L /tmp/netbackup.log -w /README /dir_to_safe

Do a manual Backup with Keyword

bpbackup -k tluruch2 -L /tmp/netbackup.log -w /oradata/DatabaseBackup

Helpful Files (Solaris)